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Numéro de publicationCN2507275 Y
Type de publicationOctroi
Numéro de demandeCN 01231780
Date de publication28 août 2002
Date de dépôt20 juil. 2001
Date de priorité20 juil. 2001
Numéro de publication01231780.2, CN 01231780, CN 2507275 Y, CN 2507275Y, CN-Y-2507275, CN01231780, CN01231780.2, CN2507275 Y, CN2507275Y
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Fastening device for ready-made knot necktie
CN 2507275 Y
The utility model relates to a limited slip device for the necktie without tying. The technical proposal is that a supporting seat is equipped in the knot, and a pulling chain seat is firmly equipped on the supporting seat, which facilitates the pulling chain branched strips of the necktie without tying jogging with or separating from the chain sprockets on the pulling chain strips. The pulling chain seat is provided with a fastener slice that is arranged in the pulling chain seat and a pulling slice that is connected with the pulling chain seat, the fastener slice is provided with a fastener hook, a fastener tooth is formed at the end of the fastener hook, the fastener tooth is inserted into the gap of the pulling chain strip on the necktie without tying, which fixes the pulling chain seat on the pulling chain strip, and avoids the mutually slipping of them. The users can also disengage the fastener tooth from the pulling chain strip via a push pulling slice, so that the height of the knot on the necktie without tying is conveniently adjusted with one hand.
Revendications(5)  Langue du texte original : Chinois
1.一种免结领带止滑装置,该免结领带在领结中设有一支撑座,而于支撑座上固设有一拉链座,拉链座具有一底板,底板具有一分隔柱,分隔柱上设有一平行于底板的顶板,顶板上形成有一对挡壁,挡壁分别开设有一凹槽,又该对挡壁间,形成有一容置室,其特征在于:于容置室内的拉链座顶板上,设有一穿孔;一卡扣片,其是固定组装于拉链座容置室中而以具弹性的材料弯折而成,卡扣片延伸有一卡扣钩,卡扣钩末端形成有一卡齿,卡齿可穿过拉链座顶板的穿孔;一拉片,拉片具有一与拉链座接合的接合部及一供使用者按压的按压部,接合部上开设有一接合槽,接合槽顶端形成有一接合杆,该接合杆是跨设于拉链座挡壁的凹槽中,并由卡扣片限制于凹槽内。 A free-slip knot tie means the free tie knot has a support base in the tie, whereas the support base has a solid base zipper, zipper base has a bottom, the bottom plate has a separate column, separate the column set a parallel formed on the base plate of the roof, the roof having a pair of retaining walls, retaining walls were opened has a recess, should the on retaining wall, is formed with a receiving chamber, characterized in that: in accommodating the indoor fastener seat top plate, There is a perforation; a hook piece, which is fixed to the fastener assembly seat accommodating chamber and to bending a flexible material, snap tab extending a snap hook, snap hook end of the tooth is formed with a card, the card Block zipper teeth may pass through the perforated top plate; a pull tab, the tab has an engaging portion and a pressing portion for pressing a user engages the fastener seat, there is the joint creation of an engaging groove, the engaging groove is formed with a top of the lever The engaging lever is provided on the cross slide fastener holder retaining wall recess by snap-sheet limit in the recess.
2.如权利要求1所述的止滑装置,其特征在于,其中拉链座底板设有一对延伸的接合钩,而于底板侧连结一固定片,该固定片上设有与拉链座底板接合钩相配合的接合孔,接合钩是钩设于接合孔内而将拉链座与固定片连结。 2. Anti-slip device according to claim 1, characterized in that the base plate is provided in which a pair of fastener extending engaging hook, while on the bottom side of a fixed connecting piece provided with a base plate engaging hook fastener relative to the fixed piece engaging hole with the engaging hook is provided on the engaging hole and hook fastener retainer seat and link.
3.如权利要求2所述的止滑装置,其特征在于,其中固定片上形成有一供铆钉穿过铆钉孔。 Anti-slip device according to claim, characterized in that there is formed a fixing piece for which the rivet passes through the rivet holes.
4.如权利要求1或3所述的止滑装置,其特征在于,其中拉链座以铆钉固设于支撑架上。 The slip device according to claim 1 or claim 3, characterized in that, wherein the fastener rivet fixed on the seat support frame.
5.如权利要求1所述的止滑装置,其特征在于,其中拉链座挡壁于相对内侧的近边缘处分别形成有嵌槽,卡扣片具有一平整的顶盖,该卡扣片的顶盖两侧嵌插于拉链座挡壁的嵌槽中。 5. Anti-slip device according to claim 1, characterized in that the retaining wall where the fastener holder in a relatively near the inside edge of the embedded grooves are formed, a flat sheet having a snap cap, the snap plate both sides of the seat cover fitted into the retaining wall on the fastener insert slot.
Description  Langue du texte original : Chinois
免结领带止滑装置 Free knot tie slip device

技术领域 Technical Field

本实用新型是关于一种免结领带止滑装置,尤指一种可方便卡扣及松脱的免结领带装置。 The utility model is on a no-slip knot tie means, especially a convenient snap and loose tie knot-free devices.

背景技术 Background

领带是人们衣著装扮的重要配件,尤其对男人来说,领带更是出席正式场合所不能或缺的饰品,一条高品味的领带,适当的搭配服装,对于一个人的外表,可以收画龙点睛的效果。 Ties are important parts of people dress clothes, especially for men, tie more formal occasions can not or missing jewelry, tie a good taste, with clothing appropriate for a person's appearance, you can receive a finishing touch .

但欲达到这样的效果,除了领带本身的颜色及质感外,如何将领带打得漂亮也很重要,但对于一般人来说,每次将领带打出的领结可能都不尽相同,要打出漂亮的领结常需要经过多次的尝试,不但十分麻烦,对于赶时间的状况下,又需花费宝贵的时间来打领带,更显的不够方便。 But I want to achieve this effect, in addition to the color and texture of the tie itself, but how to play beautiful tie is also very important, but for the average person, each tie will play the tie might have different, want to play good tie often we need to go through several attempts, not only cumbersome, time for the next rush situation, and the need to spend valuable time and tie, more convenient enough.

于是有人发明了免结领带,诸如第7023935号“利用拉链调节活口免结领带”新型专利案及其追加(二)、追加(七)案,而市面上较常见的设计则请参考图6所示,其是有一固定的领结70,领结70内设有一支撑架72,支撑架72上装设有一拉链装置74,一拉链支条76形成一封闭的圈部(图中未示)以供套挂于使用者领部,而该拉链支条76两端内缘形成有拉链齿,并由领结70上端延伸穿过支撑架72,并经拉链装置74的操作啮合后,结合成一隐藏在领带后侧的拉链条78,并由领结70下端向下延伸。 Then someone invented the necktie knot-free, such as No. 7,023,935 "regulate the use of zip tie knot free to live the" new and additional patent case (b), an additional (vii) case, while the market is more common design See Figure 6 It shows that there is a fixed 70 tie, tie 70 features a support frame 72, the support frame 72 is provided with a jacket zipper assembly 74, a fastener prongs 76 form a closed loop portion (not shown) for sets of hanging in user collar, and the fastener prongs inside edge 76 formed at both ends of zipper teeth by tie 70 extends through the upper end of the support frame 72, and after the operation engaging fastener means 74, combined into a hidden rear side tie The pull chain 78, 70 extends downward by the lower end of the tie. 使用者配戴仅需先将拉链支条76所形成的圈部套挂于其领部,而后向下拉动拉链条78以适当的调整该圈部的大小,即可将领带配戴完成,而简化了以往繁琐的打领带步骤,但这样的领带却有易滑动的缺点,亦即当其配戴于使用者身上时,因其由拉链的固定不够确实,可能于配戴时产生滑动,而影响领带的美观,并造成使用者的不便。 Only the first user to wear ring section formed fastener prongs 76 sets of hanging its collar, then pull down the pull chain 78 in an appropriate resizing of the ring portion, you can wear a tie to complete, and simplify the previous step tedious and tie, but the drawback is easy to slide this tie there, that is when it is worn on the user who, because of their fixed zipper enough indeed, possible to wear when sliding, and tie aesthetic impact and cause inconvenience to the user.

为了改进上述的缺点,有人将上述免结领带的拉链装置加以改良,发展出了第83211405号“连动式活动领带的锁定构造”新型专利案,其结构概如图7所示,而构成一止滑拉链装置80,其具有一拉链头82,拉链头82上枢接有一拉片84,拉片84与拉链头82枢接的一端朝拉链凸出有一卡齿842,卡齿842是可穿入拉链条88而将该拉链装置80与拉链条88卡扣固定,已解决上述免结领带于配戴时易于滑动的缺点。 In order to improve the above drawbacks, some people said zipper tie knot-free device to be improved, developed a No. 83211405 "tie-linked activity locking structure" a new patent case, its structure almost 7, and constitute a slip zipper assembly 80 having a zipper 82, the slider 82 is pivoted on a pull tab 84, one end of the pull tab 84 and the slider 82 is pivoted toward the zipper teeth projecting a 842 card, 842 card is tooth wear Pull the chain 88 and the fastener means 80 and 88 snap fastener chain fixed, resolved the shortcomings in the above tie knot-free wear easy slip.

该止滑拉链装置80于操作时,是将拉片84掀起,而使得拉片84一端的卡齿842脱离拉链条88,此时拉链装置80即可相对拉链条88上、下拉动,当调整至适当的位置后,再将拉片84按压以使得卡齿842穿入拉链条88,由卡齿842的卡扣,而将拉链装置80与拉链条88固定,但这样的操作仍嫌不够简便,使用者于调整时需一手将拉片84掀起,而另一手拉动拉链条88,故不能以单手操作调整,又当调整时,领带是套挂于使用者领部,使用者不能直接目视拉片84,而需以手凭感觉找到拉片84,并将其小心的掀起,这样的操作方式常会造成使用上的困扰,而需要进一步的改良。 The slip fastener device 80 at the time of operation, the pull tab 84 is off, and makes the card teeth 842 at one end of the pull tab 84 from the pull chain 88, when the fastener means 80 to 88 relative to pull the chain, driven by, when adjusted to the appropriate location, and then presses the tab 84 so that the retaining tooth 842 penetrates fastener chain 88, the retaining tooth 842 snaps, and the fastener means 80 and the fastener chain 88 is fixed, but this simple operation go far enough Users need to adjust the pull tab 84 off-hand, and the other hand to pull the pull chain 88, it can not operate with a single hand adjustment, and when adjusting, tie collar jacket hanging on the user, the user can not directly mesh depending on the pull tab 84, and need to find hand feel of the pull-tab 84, and carefully set off, this operation often causes distress on the use, and the need for further improvement.


有监于此,本实用新型的目的在于:提供一种免结领带止滑装置,其可以单手方便的调整领结的高低位置。 In view of this, the utility model aims: to provide a no-slip knot tie means that with one hand easily adjust the height position tie.

本实用新型一种免结领带止滑装置,该免结领带在领结中设有一支撑座,而于支撑座上固设有一拉链座,拉链座具有一底板,底板具有一分隔柱,分隔柱上设有一平行于底板的顶板,顶板上形成有一对挡壁,挡壁分别开设有一凹槽,又该对挡壁间,形成有一容置室,其特征在于:于容置室内的拉链座顶板上,设有一穿孔;一卡扣片,其是固定组装于拉链座容置室中而以具弹性的材料弯折而成,卡扣片延伸有一卡扣钩,卡扣钩末端形成有一卡齿,卡齿可穿过拉链座顶板的穿孔;一拉片,拉片具有一与拉链座接合的接合部及一供使用者按压的按压部,接合部上开设有一接合槽,接合槽顶端形成有一接合杆,该接合杆是跨设于拉链座挡壁的凹槽中,并由卡扣片限制于凹槽内;由此,在使用者按压前述的拉片按压部,以使得穿过拉链座顶板穿孔的卡扣片卡齿脱离免结领带的拉链条缝隙,以调整免结领带;又当使用者于开按压部时,卡齿将因卡扣片所提供的弹性回复力穿过穿孔,并穿入拉链条缝隙,而将免结领带固定。 The utility model is a no-slip device tie knot, tie the knot-free has a support base in the tie, whereas the support base has a solid base zipper, zipper base has a bottom, the bottom plate has a separate column, separate the column There is a parallel formed on the bottom of the roof, the roof has a retaining wall, retaining wall has a recess were opened, should the wall of the block is formed with an accommodating chamber, wherein a pair: in accommodating interior zippered seat on the roof It has a perforation; a hook piece, which is fixed to the fastener assembly seat accommodating chamber and to bending a flexible material, snap tab extending a snap hook, snap hook end formed with a retaining tooth, card holder zipper teeth may pass through the perforated top plate; a pull tab, the tab has an engaging portion and a pressing portion for pressing a user engages the fastener seat, opened the joint has an engaging groove, the engaging groove is formed with a top engagement lever, the engaging lever is provided on the fastener across the seat retaining wall recess by snap-sheet limit in the groove; Accordingly, when the user presses the pressing of the preceding pull tab portion, such that the fastener through the housing top plate perforated snap tab engagement tooth pulled out the tie knot-free chain gap to adjust tie knot-free; and when the user presses the portion to the opening, the gripping teeth will catch sheet by the elastic restoring force provided through the perforation, and Pull the chain penetration gap and tie the knot-free fixed.

其中拉链座底板设有一对延伸的接合钩,而于底板侧连结一固定片,该固定片上设有与拉链座底板接合钩相配合的接合孔,接合钩是钩设于接合孔内而将拉链座与固定片连结。 Wherein the base plate has a pair of fastener extending engaging hook, but at bottom side coupling a fixed piece with an engaging hole engaging hook fastener base plate fitted on the fixing piece, the engaging hook is provided on the engaging hole and hook fastener Block with fixed sheet link.

其中固定片上形成有一供铆钉穿过铆钉孔。 Which is formed with a rivet for rivet holes through the fixing piece.

其中拉链座以铆钉固设于支撑架上。 Wherein the fastener rivet fixed on the seat support frame.

其中拉链座挡壁于相对内侧的近边缘处分别形成有嵌槽,卡扣片具有一平整的顶盖,该卡扣片的顶盖两侧嵌插于拉链座挡壁的嵌槽中。 Block retaining wall where the zipper to the opposite inner side near the edge of the receiving recess respectively formed, snap sheet has a flat roof, the roof on both sides of the snap-piece inserted into the retaining wall on the fastener seat insert slot.

组装时,拉片20是以其接合杆208跨设于拉链座10挡壁110的凹槽112中,卡扣片30以其顶盖302两侧插入拉链座10挡壁110的嵌槽111中,并且卡扣片30的卡扣钩304是以其卡齿3042穿入拉链座10顶板108的穿孔116中,再将顶盖302相对于延伸出卡扣钩304的另端弯折,以便得卡扣片30固定于挡壁110间,又固定片40与拉链座10的结合,是以拉链座10底板102的接合钩104钩合于固定片40凸出部404的接合槽406内。 When assembled, the pull tab 20 is its cross-engaging lever 208 provided on the fastener base 10 retaining wall 112 of the recess 110, sheet 30 with its cover 302 snaps on both sides of the seat insert 10 block wall fastener-receiving recess 111 110 and the hook piece snap hook 30 304 is its card holder zipper teeth penetrating perforation 3042 116 108 in the top 10, and then the cover 302 with respect to the other end extending snap hook 304 bent to get hook piece 30 is fixed to the retaining wall 110, and the fixing piece combined seat 40 and the fastener 10, is in the engaging groove 40 protrusion zipper base 10 plate engaging hook 102 is hooked to a fixed piece 104 404 406.

图3所示为本实用新型的免结领带止滑装置的实施例示意图,其中该免结领带止滑装置是由铆钉408穿过固定片40铆钉孔402而铆合于免结领带领结50的支撑架52上,免结领带的两拉链支条56由拉链座10具分隔柱106的上端进入拉链座10的底板102及顶板108间的空间,并于此空间内经拉链机制啮合而成一拉链条58后,由拉链座10靠近固定片40的下端穿出拉链座10。 Utility model shown in Figure based Example 3 tie knot-free slip device schematic, wherein the tie slip knot-free device is a rivet 408 through the fixing piece 40 rivet holes 402 and riveting to tie a bow tie knot-free 50 the support frame 52, two zip tie knot-free prongs 56 separated from the upper end 106 of the seat post 10 zip fastener into the space base 10 base plate 102 and top 108 and within this space the engaging mechanism formed by the zipper pull chain 58, by the zipper base 10 near the lower end 40 of the fixing piece piercing fastener 10 seats.

接下来请参考图4、图5所示,当使用者未按压拉片20时,卡扣片30卡扣钩304的卡齿3042是插入拉链条58的拉链齿缝隙间,而将拉链座10卡扣于拉链条58,此时拉链条58、拉链支条56及拉链座10是成一不可拉动的固定状态,又当使用者按压拉片20按压部204时,拉片20中段处将形成一支点抵靠于拉链座10顶板108边缘,并使得拉片20接合部202的接合杆208朝相对远离顶板108的方向翘起,此时接合杆208并将推动卡扣片30的卡扣钩304略微变形,而使得卡扣钩304末端的卡齿3042脱离拉链条58,此时拉链条58、拉链支条56及拉链座10是成一可拉动状态,以使用者可自由调整领结50的位置,又这样的调整方式仅需一手即可完成,亦即一手按压拉片20,以便卡齿3042与拉链条58松脱,并同时以该手拉动调整领结50的高低位置,而达到方便调整的目的,又当使用者调整完毕后,放开拉片即可由卡扣片30自身的弹性,而自动恢复卡齿3042卡扣于拉链条58的不可拉动的固定状态,而不需其他额外的固定步骤。 Next, refer to FIG. 4, FIG. 5, when the user presses the pull tab is not 20, the sheet 30 snap snap hook card 304 is inserted into the teeth 3042 zip fastener stringer Chifeng interstitial 58, 10 and the fastener holder snap-in fastener stringer 58, then pull the chain 58, 56 and zip fastener prongs seat 10 is not pulled into a fixed state, and when the user presses the tab 204 when the pressing portion 20, the tab will form a middle section 20 fulcrum 108 against the top edge of the zipper 10 seats, and so the pull tab 20 engaging the engagement lever 202 208 108 towards the opposite direction away from the roof tilt, this time pushing the lever 208 and the hook piece snap hook 30 304 slightly distorted, and makes the card teeth snap hook 304 at the end of 3042 from 58 to pull the chain, then pull the chain 58, 56 and zip fastener prongs into the seat 10 is a pull-out state to the user can freely adjust the position of the tie 50, and this adjustment method can be completed in just one hand, that one hand pressing the tab 20 for gripping teeth and pull the chain 58 3042 release, and at the same time to adjust the hand pulling the tie level position 50, and to achieve the purpose of easy adjustment , and when the user adjustment is completed, release the pull tab 30 itself can be made of an elastic snap-sheet, but the card automatically restore teeth to pull the chain 58 3042 snap fixed state can not be driven without the need for any additional fixing step .

由以上可知,本实用新型的免结领带止滑装置,其是具有一拉链座10,一装置的拉链座10内的卡扣片30,及一结合于拉链座10的拉片20,卡扣片30具有卡扣钩304,其末端形成有一卡齿3042,由卡齿3042插入拉链条58的缝隙中,可将拉链座10固定于拉链条58上,以避免其间的相对滑动,又使用者可由按压拉片20而使得卡齿3042脱离拉链条58,以调整领结50的高低位置,又这样的调整步骤仅需单手即可简便的完成,从而改进了现今习用免结领带的缺点,增进了使用上的安全,其确为一优异的设计,并未见于刊物或公开使用,符合新型专利的申请条件,故依法提出申请。 From the foregoing, the utility model tie slip knot-free device, which is a base 10 having a zipper, snap fastener seat of a device 10 within the piece 30, and the pull tab 20 a combined 10 seats in the zipper, snap sheet 30 has a snap hook 304, its distal end formed with a retaining tooth 3042, the teeth 3042 by the card insertion slit 58 in the fastener chain, the fastener holder 10 may be fixed to the fastener stringer 58, to prevent relative sliding movement therebetween, and the user by pressing the tab 20 and makes the card to pull the teeth out of the chain 58 3042, in order to adjust the position of the tie level 50, and this adjustment step only one hand to complete the simple, to improve the shortcomings of today's conventional tie knot-free, promotional the security of use, which indeed is a superior design, publication or public use was not found, the eligibility criteria in line with the new patent, it is to apply the law.

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